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Fantastic news! Bringing the enchanting world of magic, elves, unicorns and fantastical creatures, Studio 100 Media’s animation feature ‘Mia and me – The Hero of Centopia ’, a co-production between Studio 100 Media, Studio B Animation and Broadvision Services Private is the winner of the Children’s Jury Award at this year´s Beijing International Children’s Film Festival – CONGRATULATIONS MIA!


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Munich, 10 May 2023. Germany’s Studio 100 Film is proud to present the official international trailer and will showcase 20 minutes of its forthcoming comedy adventure film “Giants of La Mancha” (previous working title: “Quixotes – The Heirs of La Mancha”) at this year’s Marche du Film, Cannes.


Available in Autumn 2023, “Giants of La Mancha” is a visually stunning and action-packed CGI spectacle set to captivate viewers of all ages. International sales are handled by Studio 100 Film.


Directed by Gonzalo Gutierrez and written by Carlos Kotkin (Rio 2), “Giants of La Mancha” is an extraordinary and adventurous journey for the whole family, following 11-year-old Alfonso, heir to Don Quixote, and his three imaginary rabbits, which are joined by Pancho and Victoria. With their power of friendship, they save their beloved hometown somewhere in La Mancha from a huge storm. They dream the impossible dream, overcome their fears, and use their imagination to find the real force behind the storm.


This epic adventure, produced by Germany’s Studio 100 Media and
M.A.R.K.13 COM with GF Films from Argentina, combines the creative power and visual styles of the best artists from both countries to meet the highest standards. “Giants of La Mancha” adorns itself with wonderful animation and an impressive, unique visual quality.


“Visual development is the part we enjoyed the most about the production process of this film, as we believe that’s where the magic of cinema resides; giving the audience the chance to discover universes that would otherwise be impossible. It’s literally magic”, said Director Gonzalo Gutierrez.


Thorsten Wegener, Head of Business Operations, Studio 100 Film, added “This film was a great challenge for everybody involved. As one of the largest productions for us so far, it’s taken us to a new level in terms of storytelling and production value. We all are extremely proud of the result and can’t wait to see the film on the big screen.”


International pre-sales for the film are excelling, with Constantin Film on board for the German-speaking territories. Further sales have been secured for Portugal, Greece, Iceland, Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Middle East, Israel, and Vietnam.


Studio 100 Film will present 20 minutes of this visually stunning film at Marche du Film’s market screenings on Wednesday, May 17th at 11:30 am in Palais H, and Thursday, May 18th at 1:45 pm in Palais D. Enjoy the ride and remember that if you use your imagination, everything is possible!


Munich, 04 May 2023. Germany’s Studio 100 Film is adding a new project to its animation film slate: “North”. Produced by PictoryLand, the Norwegian CGI film is currently in pre-production with delivery planned for Q4 2024, just in time to make it the perfect family movie for the holiday season. Studio 100 Film will cover all worldwide film sales except for the Scandinavian territories and will introduce the project, showing the first teaser and art designs of the characters and set locations, at this year’s Marche du Film in Cannes.

“North” is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale “The Snow Queen”, bringing to life the power of courage, persistence, and the endlessly redeeming potential of true love. The exciting adventure is aimed at kids and families with a runtime of 85 minutes. Directed by Bente Lohne and produced by Haakon Gundersen (Flight of the Navigator, Free Jimmy), the film follows the journey of the young girl Gerda, who embarks on a dangerous mission to save her best friend Kai from the Snow Queen’s icy grip.

Joining the project as consulting producer, Academy-Award-winner
(Toy Story) and Pixar Animation co-founder Ralph Guggenheim, commented: “There is a long tradition in animation of taking classic stories from the past and re-telling them in new ways for a new generation. ’North’ takes its inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Snow Queen’, as a contemporary adventure for family audiences everywhere. I am thrilled to be working with PictoryLand and Studio 100 on this exciting new project!”

Thorsten Wegener, Head of Business Operations, Studio 100 Films adds: “We feel extremely inspired to add ‘North’ to our slate and introduce audiences to the magical world of Gerda and the Snow Queen. The film’s heartwarming story, stunning animation, and talented cast and crew make it a must-see for families during the holiday season in 2024 and beyond.”

The film promises to be a visual feast, showcasing the stunning landscapes of Norway and the magical world of the Snow Queen. The talented team behind “North” includes some of the industry’s best animators, composers, and sound designers.

“We are excited to partner with Studio 100 Film to bring ‘North’ to audiences worldwide,” added Haakon Gundersen, producer of “North.” “The film’s themes of love, friendship, and perseverance are timeless, and we can’t wait to share Gerda’s journey with the world.”


“NORTH” – synopsis:

Young Gerda sets off into the great unknown in search of her friend Kai, who has mysteriously vanished. On her journey, Gerda makes friends with people, birds, beasts, and a kind witch, unaware that a hostile, unseen enemy, the Snow Queen and her devil apprentice, Luiz, are watching her. The evil queen keeps Kai prisoner in her ice palace way up north in Finnmark, Norway. Together, Gerda and Kai escape from her clutches, arriving back home just in time for the happiest winter holiday ever.

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Munich, 24 October 2022 – Studio 100 Media is set to produce a brand-new animation film about the famous little girl from the Swiss Alps “Heidi”. Studio 100 is the rights holder of the classic 1974 anime series and producer of the CGI series from 2015, followed by a second season in 2019. The adventurous series, all adapted from the timeless novel about the orphan girl from Switzerland, written by Johanna Spyri, has still not lost its sparkle and fascination.

Planned for completion in 2024, the film currently in pre-production stage is a co-production between Studio 100 Media and Fabrique Fantastique and scriptwriter is Rob Sprackling, best known for “Gnomeo & Juliet”. Studio 100 Film will be responsible for the international sales, with LEONINE Studios already on board as distribution partner for the German-speaking territories. Pre-sales with Adler in Italy, Kaleidoscope in the UK, NOS Lusomundo in Portugal, FilmHouse in Israel, and Blitz for Ex-Yugoslavian territories have also been confirmed.

Thorsten Wegener, Executive Producer says: “To stay true to the spirit of the original work and its characters that generations of children and adults have loved and embraced, coming up with a new storyline was indeed challenging. However, we have remained loyal to Heidi’s personality as a brave, cheerful, and extremely sensitive girl. In this new film, Heidi combines all the qualities of a positive heroine while touching on environmental topics for a global and modern audience.”
Heidi teaches the importance of a simple life, the preservation of nature, kindness, and compassion. All these qualities are Heidi’s recipe for a happy life – living in harmony with your surroundings and putting others before yourself. Playing an important role in this new film is a lynx family. Introducing theseremarkable cats into the story ties in with the current situation, where they are being bought back from extinction and into their natural habitat in the Alps.

“Heidi is one of the world’s most well-known and beloved children’s literary characters – and has been for over 100 years! So, it’s a great honour to revive her and the wonderful world of Dorfli in this sequel to the original story.” comments writer Rob Sprackling.

Farbrique Fantastique’s Tom Van Gestel, director and producer of the film, adds: “There are several reasons why we want to produce this film. First, it’s refreshing to see something with a leisurely and calm tempo that Heidi’s film has to offer. The execution of this film has really taken time, which is in stark contrast to the more recent animation films or series now available. We see this as a fun challenge and want to preserve this calm aspect throughout. In addition, the film takes a special stand on ecology, nature, and deforestation, which is now more topical than ever.”
Studio 100 Film will present first looks of this ambitious project at this year’s AFM in Santa Monica.


The heroic pink poodle is back with double the fun and double the adventure

Munich, Sydney, 19 October 2022 – Flying Bark Productions has today announced production of “200% Wolf” – the much-anticipated sequel to the internationally successful feature film, “100% Wolf”. The film will be distributed across Australia by StudioCanal while Studio 100 Film is managing international sales.
A co-production with Spain’s Atlantika Films and Western Australia’s Siamese, “200% Wolf” is produced with major production funding from Screen Australia, and financed in association with Screenwest and Lotterywest. The Canary Islands’ 3Doubles will be joining for animation services on the 85-minute comedy adventure film which will be available in 2024.

With returning cast including Samara Weaving as Batty, Akmal Saleh as Hamish and Ilai Swindells as Freddy, “200% Wolf” has already garnered support from the distributors of “100% Wolf” including VIVA Kids (North America), Notorious and FilmHouse for the US, Italy and Israel respectively.
“We had tremendous success with the North American release of ‘100% Wolf’ in 2020,” says Victor Elizalde, President of VIVA Kids. “We are thrilled to be reuniting with Studio 100 and Flying Bark Productions for the highly anticipated sequel. We know audiences are going to love it!”
“200% Wolf” sees the return of director Alexs Stadermann, writer Fin Edquist, producers Barbara Stephen and Alexia Gates-Foale and co-producer Francesca Hope, with producer Carmen Perez-Marsa Roca and Atlantika Films’ Executive Producer Nano Arrieta joining the team.

The sequel will continue the story of Freddy Lupin, a pink were-poodle who needed to prove he still had the heart of a werewolf. In his new adventure, Freddy goes on a mission to save a young moon spirit, where he finds himself caught up in the magic of a werewolf sorceress. The film will focus more on the mysterious and fascinating world of werewolves and the magical moon forces that transform them, introducing exciting new characters and obstacles for Freddy to overcome.

Based on the books 100% Wolf and 100% Hero by renowned Australian author Jayne Lyons, the first film “100% Wolf” has been successfully sold worldwide, with strong theatrical releases in the UK, France, Russia, and Italy despite the 2020 global pandemic. The film also performed extremely well on video-on-demand services with Amazon US and Universal Australia, as well as on Netflix Australia. “100% Wolf” was a Rockie Awards nominee at the 2021 Banff World Media Festival and director Alexs Stadermann was nominated for “Best Direction” of an animation project at the Australian Director’s Guild Awards 2021.

Adding to the success of the film, the ABC ME television spin-off series “100% Wolf – The Legend of the Moonstone” has been on air internationally since 2020, having sold to more than 100 countries. The series won three Telly Awards, an AEAF Gold Award and the Asian Television Award in 2021, among other wins and nominations. A second season is already in pre-production.

Maya the Bee – The golden Orb Finalist at New York Animation Film Award


Munich, 7. October 2021. At this year’s AFM Online, Studio 100 Film will be presenting “Quixotes – The heirs of La Mancha”, which is currently in production.  Available at the end of 2022, the movie is an Argentinian-German co-production between Studio 100 Media GmbH, GF Films (Argentina) and M.A.R.K.13 – COM (Germany). “Quixotes” is an adventure-comedy film that revisits one of the most popular books of all time: The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, by Miguel de Cervantes. Carlos Kotkin, best known for “Rio 2”, is the screenwriter behind Studio 100 Film’s latest project.

While Constantin Film Verleih has acquired the rights to all the German-speaking territories, Studio 100 Film is delighted to announce international sales with countries such as Russia and the CIS-territories, Poland, Portugal, Israel, Bulgaria, the Balkans and the Baltics. Studio 100 Film expects to close more deals during AFM Online this November.

In the center of the film’s story are 11-year-old Alfonso, the great-great-great-grandson of the famous Don Quixote, and his three imaginary rabbit friends. When his hometown is threatened by a powerful storm capable of destroying everything in its path, Alfonso is joined by Pancho (the great-great-great-grandson of Sancho Panza) and Victoria. Together they set out to save their beloved town of La Mancha and along the way Alfonso discovers the power of friendship and finds his first love.

“Quixotes is a family film that addresses universal and contemporary issues such as friendship and relationships. Just like Don Quixote, with a little bit of imagination, anything can be possible. By employing physical humor as well as a subtext, we hope to be able to appeal to both younger and older audiences”, Thorsten Wegener commented (Executive Producer and Director of Business Operations at Studio 100 Film).


Munich, 2. June 2021. Studio 100 Film will be presenting “The Hero of Centopia” at this year’s Marché du Film. The movie, based on the internationally popular and highly successful brand and hybrid CGI/live-action TV series ‘Mia and me’, is currently in production and will be available at the end of 2021. “The Hero of Centopia” is a co-production between Studio 100 Media GmbH, Studio B Animation Pty Ltd., and Broadvision Services Private Ltd. Constantin Film Verleih will release the movie in Germany in 2022 following its distribution agreement with Studio 100 Media.

International sales are rapidly progressing with countries such as Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Israel, Taiwan, and Vietnam on board. Studio 100 Film looks forward to closing more deals at the virtual Marché du Film in Cannes this July.

Studio 100 Media is also presenting the new official final key visual for the movie, featuring Mia as the heroine and introducing Iko, her partner throughout the story, as well as several new friends and a strong opponent. As an ancient prophecy entwines around the magical gem in Mia’s bracelet, she embarks on an adventurous journey to the most remote islands of Centopia. There, Mia not only faces a powerful enemy but also takes her destiny into her own hands. Together with Iko, she is ready to face any challenge that comes her way.

Mia and me

Mia’s tale began when her parents mysteriously disappeared after a terrible accident, presumed dead. Mia was sent to a boarding school close to Florence, Italy. One day she discovered an amazing secret: From her parents, Mia inherited an ancient book and a magical bracelet that allows her to enter the enchanting world of Centopia. In Centopia Mia is an elf and the only one who can understand and talk to unicorns living there. In the fairytale realm, she finds friends among the fantastical creatures. Always at her side are her best friends, the elves Yuko and Mo, the unicorn Onchao and the pan Phuddle. The imminent new movie recounts Mia’s first theatrical adventure: She must stand up against Toxor, a monstrous evil toad. Toxor threatens Centopia and seeks to make it his personal poisonous pit. On top of that, he holds the key to her parent’s mysterious disappearance…

To date, three seasons of the series recount Mia’s adventures in the real world and in the fantastic world of Centopia with her elf and unicorn friends. A fourth season is currently in production and set for delivery in 2022. The series has so far sold to more than 170 countries. The movie is produced by Studio 100 Media GmbH, Studio B Animation Pty Ltd., and Broadvision Services Private Ltd. Executive Producers are Martin Krieger, Thorsten Wegener, Barbara Stephen and Sriram Chandrasekaran. Studio 100 Film acts as the international sales agent.


Munich, 26. January 2021. Studio 100 Group and TV Cultura are more than happy with the trend in the ratings of “Mia and me” since its start on TV Cultura (Brazil) last October. Having only been on air for two months on TV Cultura, “Mia and me”has become an outperforming success for the TV channel.

‘O mundo de Mia’ made the top spot in the channel’s ranking of all the shows targeted at 7 to 11 year old kids by reaching the best audience average, the best share average and also the best individual reach of all the shows with more than 2 million individuals watching an episode in December looking at Great São Paulo alone.

Fabiana Quinteiro, Acquisitions Coordinator at TV Cultura  says: “We are more than happy about the partnership with Studio 100. It’s a pleasure to take ‘O Mundo de Mia’ to the Brazilian kids through our Free TV channel. And, seeing this rapid success is very satisfying.”

Peter Kleinschmidt, Director Marketing & Brand Management at Studio 100 Media comments: “I am very excited about the cooperation with TV Cultura, one of the leading TV channels for kids’ quality shows in Brazil. Thanks to YouTube we know that Mia is very popular in Brazil, but this fantastic on-air success lifts Mia to another awareness level. ‘Mia and me’s’ Brazilian YouTube Channel also won another 120,000 subscribers and accumulated 40 million more views since last October. These ratings confirm that Mia’s journey in Brazil has only just begun.”

The free TV launch of “Mia and me” was supported by a marketing and social media campaign in collaboration with Studio 100 Media’s assigned local licensing agency Brand House Licensing. The agency is also working on a broad range of licensed products including toys, apparel and publishing.

Studio 100 Group and TV Cultura joined forces for the live action/CGI hybrid series “Mia and me” last October. The first two seasons of “Mia and me” are on air on Brazilian free television network TV Cultura. With a daily slot within its kids’ programming schedule, at least one episode of the series for girls aged 6 to 12 airs Monday to Friday for the next two years. TV Cultura reaches out to in excess of 163 million people in 26 states and federal districts in 2,640 cities through its national network of affiliates and retransmitter partners. To date the Brazilian YouTube Channel for “Mia and me” accounts for more than 525,000 subscribers with over 175 million views.

Mia and me – season 1

12-year-old Mia finds herself hurled into the wondrous world of Centopia, full of elves, unicorns, pans and dragons. But the once idyllic kingdom is in danger. Evil Queen Panthea seeks to capture the unicorns and harness their power to keep herself young. The valiant elves, led by Prince Mo and daring warrior Yuko, fight to stop her. Thanks to her unique ability to communicate with unicorns, Mia must safeguard the golden-horned Onchao. As Mia bounces between trying to fit in at her new school and her life as a fairytale elf, she becomes the key to saving Centopia.

Maya the Bee 3 The Golden Orb & Mia and me Production Update

Stay tuned, upates coming soon!