The heirs of La Mancha
(in Produktion)
Erwartete Fertigstellung: Q4 2020

We open in the small but famous town of La Mancha, in a different time from Don Quixote’s. Fierce storms pound the land, forcing the town’s residents to flee. Despite this, there is one remaining beacon of brightness, which is found in the home of eleven-year-old ALFONSO - and his three IMAGINARY MUSICIAN RABBITS-, who lives alone after his father’s sudden disappearance. We see the latest news report of the storms in the home of young La Mancha resident PANCHO, paunchy and somewhat dimwitted . His parents hastily pack, but he has no intention of leaving, Pancho sneaks out of the house and goes to see his friend VICTORIA. The same age as Pancho, Victoria wears a pirate eye-patch, is smart and fears no one. Pancho and Victoria realize they could use the help of a real Quixote. They have heard tales of Don Quixote’s grandson Alfonso living in the house atop La Mancha’s highest hill and so they go look for him. Alfonso hears them and quickly hides. When he comes out, he finds himself face-to- face with HERMAN – the nasty head of La Mancha’s Reform School for Boys. Pancho and Victoria seize the opportunity to rescue Alfonso and the three make a daring escape. Alfonso looks toward the coming storm and sees a FEROCIOUS CLOUD MONSTER floating within and he hesitantly joins Pancho and Victoria. Their epic journey begins towards the horizon’s edge where the clouds emerge daily. Along the way, they face the elements – overcoming the challenges of both uncontrollable weather and the fearsome clutches of Herman. When our intrepid trio and the rabbits reach the summit overlooking La Mancha, they discover the source of the storm – a machine that to Alfonso’s eyes is a steel colored monster. Herman again appears, this time revealing his secret: he has two identical brothers.They are responsible for the “Monster” Alfonso sees, which is, in fact, a dangerous satellite-like contraption the brothers have built that disrupts the weather and has been causing all of the terrible storms. The heroic trio climbs aboard a wooden ship tethered to a massive weather balloon and begin to float into the heart of the storm. As they lose control of the ship, everyone jumps but Alfonso stays aboard to fight The Cloud Monster on his own. Both The Cloud Monster and the brothers are ultimately stopped, but not before Alfonso takes a hard hit from The Cloud Monster. He plummets toward the ground. Just as he is about to hit, he is caught by his father on horseback, who was in the hospital because of a severe case of amnesia and after seeing his son on the news gained his memory back. Alfonso regains consciousness and is overjoyed to find himself once again being embraced by his father. Sunshine appears over La Mancha for the first time in a long time. Though Alfonso has gained his father, in the battle he has lost all of his imaginative visions – including the three rabbits-, but with his friends and his father, Alfonso has everything he needs.
Regie: Gonzalo Gutiérrez
Producer: Florencia Lemoine / Luciano Quilici
Sreenwriter: Carlos Kotkin
Executive Producer: Luciano Quilici
Director of Photography: Matias Nicolás
Head of Production: Sol Fernández Maciuk
Technische Details
Laufzeit: 85 Minuten
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To change the world, my friend Sancho, is not madness nor utopia, it is justice!

Don Quixote

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