When eight-year-old Heidi saves a lynx family and their home from a greedy businessman, she gets her grandfather to come clean with the village community and she realizes that her beloved little lynx belongs with his family in the wild just as she belongs with her grandfather in the mountains.

In pre-production


Technical Data

80 minutes


Studio 100 International / 3Doubles Producciones
Executive Producers
Martin Krieger
Thorsten Wegener
Associate Producer
Antoine Marbach
Line Producer Studio 100 Media
Benjamin Ey / Annika Hirsch
Associate Producer Studio Isar Animation
Laura Langhammer
Line Producer Studio Isar Animation
Amy Hinterkircher
Based on the idea by
Peter Dollinger
Story by
Marcus Sauermann / Tess Meyer
Story Development
Lorena Booth
Tobias Schwarz

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